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SonicMood provides Mood enhancing ambient music featuring natural sounds and pleasing harmonies. Its sounds are created as you listen, so they are always unique.
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For Macs only
SonicMood Moods (using "QuickTime Music Synthesizer" synth)
Is life stressing you out? Do you need to relax or block out that annoying babble from the next cubicle? Maybe you’re just having a hard time falling asleep? Wouldn't it be nice to be in a garden, listening to water flowing just a trickle away, the hum of crickets, a bird that creates melodies in the distance? Now you can with SonicMood! Watch a demo video.

SonicMood has a number of musical ideas, known as "Moods." You can choose from "Zen Meditation" to "Cathedral," through the magnificent "Fireflies dance," and many more. The Moods will help you to relax, to isolate, to create the best environment for concentration, because we were born to be surrounded by nature and not by walls of brick and cement.

SonicMood creates its original ambient sound live, so there is infinite variety. Each Mood is a blend of polyphonic stereo instrumentals with pleasing harmonies combined with sounds of nature. You can use SonicMood's editor to customize the sounds based on note, scale, timing and randomization parameters and a selection of nature sounds, and SonicMood comes pre-configured with a variety of "Moods" to get you started.

SonicMood Benefits:

  • Creates soothing backgrounds of harmonious natural sounds
  • Blocks out annoying background noise
  • Relaxes you at work and will help you fall asleep at home
  • Record Moods with SonicMood's built-in recorder, and use iTunes to put them on your iPod or other portable music player
  • Comes with 42 pre-defined Moods and 21 nature sounds (rain, thunder, birds, ocean...)
  • Add your own nature sound recordings, and binaural beats too!
  • Create custom Moods and edit them with SonicMood's built-in editor
  • Combines quality instrumental sounds with the sounds of nature
  • Includes a Picture Window that can run a slideshow of your favorite photos
  • May have potential health benefits

SonicMood lets you be creative and make your own Moods. It has a built-in editor that lets you select every element of a Mood, including instruments, scale, octaves, timings, background nature sounds, and much more! There is a lot of power in SonicMood's creative repertoire. The combination of instrumental and nature sounds makes for "Ambient Music" at its best. Watch and listen to musical art created using SonicMood on our
 "Creations" page here.

You can record the sound SonicMood makes using its built-in audio recorder. Drop the recording on iTunes and play on your iPod when you're away from your computer. Include with your own compositions if you'd like, we won't mind. Find out more in the FAQ under "Recording SonicMood Sound."

Mood and Sound Files Page:
There are many user-contributed “Moods” available on this page, as well as many more nature sound recordings (click the button to go there).

SonicMood is available as a Universal Binary compatible with OS X versions 10.4.11 thru 10.9.x. There is also an Intel-only Cocoa version that works with OS X versions 10.6.8 thru 10.9.x. Both feature a customizable "iTunes-like" look and operation. You can try them out for 14 days of actual use. No more being penalized if you go on vacation! A registration is good for two full version changes.

Choose from many different Moods to match your moment (or add your own). A relaxing ambiance can be yours for very little.
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